CIPP (Cured-In-Place-Piping)

Hammerhead Trenchless Blue Light Lateral CIPP Lining System

Trenchless lateral lining is a cost effective, non-invasive method of rehabilitating corroded and aging sewer lines.

What is Lateral Lining? It is the process of installing a liner in your existing sewer line going from the access point in your basement, to the sewer main connection in the street. A resin impregnated liner is inserted into your existing sewer line. Using compressed air, the liner is form-fitted to the walls of the pipe. Blue light waves emitted from an intense light source then cure the resin, creating a solid, cured in place pipe within the existing line. Liners are effective in resolving issues caused by root intrusion. If roots are a problem that you are constantly dealing with, this is a great option to resolve that problem.


Excavating sewer lines is expensive, time consuming, and disruptive. Occupants of the home often have to be relocated for weeks or live in a construction site leading to lost revenue for landlords and major inconvenience for families. Landscaping has to be re-done upon completion of the job. Large scale renovations have to be done to fix flooring that had to be removed to access the sewer line located under your basement. Trenchless lateral lining can be completed in a matter of hours with little to no disruption to the home’s occupants and is far more cost effective.

Situations where CIPP is a good option:

Our CIPP (Cured In Place Piping) liners can be installed in any sewer pipe ranging in diameter from 3” to 6”. A video inspection of the line is required to determine whether or not the sewer line is a good candidate for lining. With a wide range of liners available, we can install the one that is appropriate for your sewer line. With our flex liners we can navigate turns up to 90 degrees and transitions in pipe diameter. The liners can form to any pipe that is in reasonable condition. Cracks, breaks and shifts are all acceptable to install liners over top of.
If you’re constantly dealing with sewer back ups due to root’s or blockages from broken pipes, lateral lining is a great option for you. The liners come with a one year manufacturer warranty and have a minimum life expectancy of 50 years.

Situations where CIPP is NOT a good option:

Video inspections of every line will be conducted by our team prior to installation to determine whether or not a liner can be installed. Drain cleaning services may be required to obtain accurate video footage.

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